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Swagelok Southwest

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Thread Identification Seminar

Pipe Thread Identification
Learn how to identify pipe thread size and pitch.

ISO 228/1?  SAE/MS?  NPT?  Sometimes thread identification can be difficult, but when you're in the plant or out in the field, you need to know quickly how to identify a thread and order the right fitting. This 30-minute course teaches our customers how to distinguish between different types of threads and sealing methods. Customer benefits include:

  • Reduced misapplications
  • Reduced ordering errors
  • Reduced rework costs
  • Decreased product selection time

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Thread Identification Course Outline

Identify Common Mechanical Threads & Seals

  • NPT
  • ISO
  • Metric
  • SAE

Step By Step Identification Procedure

  • Determining straight vs. tapered
  • Measuring thread diameter
  • Determining thread pitch
  • Determining thread standard

Proper Assembly of Threaded Connections

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