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Swagelok Southwest

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Supply Chain Management

Swagelok Organized Parts Drawer
Your product: Always replenished and neatly organized

Swagelok Southwest offers supply chain optimization services that can help you reduce inventory carrying costs, increase working capital, and reduce the costs associated with storage, movement, and replenishment of your fluid system components.

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

If you are concerned you will not have the right product on hand when you need it, let our inventory management program assist you. We will prepare a parts usage report to help analyze your inventory requirements. We will work closely with you to target minimum and maximum product levels. Finally, we will help you maintain the desired inventory levels, while reducing the total number of purchase orders generated. Your personnel will no longer need to keep track of inventory, place orders, or devote time to housekeeping. We’ve got you covered!

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Collaborative Forecasting

Swagelok Southwest can help assure an uninterrupted supply of Swagelok components by working with you to unite your product forecasts with our product fulfillment strategies. We will analyze your historical and your forecasted product usage to influence our local stocking levels. By working together, we'll have the products on hand when you need them as well as reduce the costs of carrying unnecessary inventory.

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Custom Kitting

We help you reduce the cost of doing business by offering an array of customized component packaging options. We can help eliminate additional handling at your site by pre-packaging components to your specifications. This service can help reduce packaging waste and your manpower requirement, reduce warehousing costs, and increase the efficiency of your assembly process.

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