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Swagelok Southwest

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Product Literature

Product catalogs are a click away! Swagelok product catalogs are available online and hard copy is available upon request. You can also contact us at (602) 268-4848 or (505) 842-0213 so we can assist you quickly.

Product catalogs provide detailed drawings and tables to help you identify Swagelok part numbers. Link here to search the catalog library.

Explore All Product Catalogs Online

Do you prefer a print product catalog? We are happy to get these to you fast. Fill the quick request form.

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 Swagelok Flash Drive

Do you prefer digital format? the eDTR / electronic desktop reference is right for you. Fill the simple form so we can get a flashdrive to you in a flash.

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Request a Swagelok Product Binder

To make life easier, we've compiled all of our essential print catalogs into one consolidated binder. Fill the simple request form so we can get one out to you asap.

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 Swagelok iPad eDTR App

Do you have an iPad? Download the free catalog application now.

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 Swagelok Tube Fitter's Manual (2015 Edition)

If you are an Operator, Technician or or Engineer for fluid systems, this essential guide belongs in your toolbox. Fill the quick request form so we can send you a copy. 

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